Our team function as bridges for information, knowledge, industry expertise and methodology. Having varied experience outside the client company enables our team providing these bridging services more economically and structured. Our team is harmonizing deep industry knowledge with the consultancy methodology through international knowhow.

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  1. Start- Up of Foreign Companies in Turkey
  2. Turkey New Market Entry 
  3. Middle East Entry
  4. Supply Chain Services
  5. Freight Audit
  6. Institutionalization of Companies
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  1. British based multinational logistics operator market entry strategies, business plan, operations start-up 
  2. Business merger and commercial due diligence of a local company specialized in LTL business taking role in the buy site.
  3. Turkish local company logistics industry penetration strategies, business plan, operations start-up
  4. Operational merger and strategy development of the two operators company belong to the same Holding Structure and developing company strategy
  5. Regulation analysis for the Oil and Gas Transportation Industry
  6. Market study and entry strategies development for Automotive Supply Industry

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