Our Services

Start- Up of Foreign Companies in Turkey

Our team assist foreign companies who desire to invest in Turkey in all steps necessary to open a legal entity and to start operating locally. Our Start- Up of Foreign Companies in Turkey Services include

1.1. Market research
1.2. Location finding
1.3. Opening of legal entity
1.4. Expat permits
1.5. Operations start-up
1.6. Recruiting of initial staff
1.7. Interim management for the startup phase

Turkey New Market Entry

Entrants to a new market often look for alliances, joint ventures or partnerships to maximize the chances of success and minimize risk associated with new market entry. Successful diversification into new markets involves market research and careful risk management, often in association with the partnerships and alliances in which our team specialize. Our Turkey New Market Entry Services include recommendations and assistance with presenting the business case to take local market and industry sensitivities. Our Turkey New Market Entry Services include

2.1. Market Studies and Evaluations
2.2. Commercial Due Diligence
2.3. Operational Due Diligence
2.4. Identify Potential Partners and Key Accounts
2.5. Vendor Selection

Middle East Entry

With vast experience in the Middle East region our team provides extensive market research and analysis for a variety of sectors in the Middle East. Before launching any service or product, a feasibility study is vital in order to ensure the projects’ viability. Capturing the market and the customers’ requirements at the outset are important in order to save considerable time and labour at later stages. Our Middle East Entry Services include

3.1. Market Studies and Evaluations
3.2. Commercial Due Diligence
3.3. Market Entry Support (Company incorporation, Tax incorporation, Accounting Outsourcing)
3.4. Vendor Selection
3.5. Distribution Channels Modeling and Costing

Supply Chain Services

Today’s supply chains have to be more flexible and cost effective than ever before, able to respond quickly to the slightest changes in direction. No matter how great business plan the companies have if the supply chain cannot respond accordingly companies cannot deliver. Our team can help companies build lasting competitive advantage at every level of operations. Our Supply Chain Services include

4.1. Supply Chain Strategy Development
4.2. Distribution Channels Modeling and Costing
4.3. Supply Chain Cost Analysis (Through Each Logistics Function)
4.4. 3PL (Third Party Logistics)Vendor Selection and Management
4.5. Warehouse Vendor Selection and Management

Freight Audit

Our team knows that the protection against fraud and data abuse is not easy for transportation& logistics industry. We can check the steps you have already taken against fraud and what have been done in the past with incidents of fraud, should they have occurred. Our team examine risks and potential applications for fraud and advice on improvements area.

Institutionalization of Companies

Today’s companies are expecting to get integrated with local or international markets. Our team assist companies to get institutionalized and to find business partners. Our Institutionalization of Companies Services include

6.1. Current business evaluation
6.2. Strategic business planning
6.3. Business process reorganization
6.4. Identifying skill set of the company
6.5. Evaluation of potential partner
6.6.Business evaluation with the potential new partner